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Importan Notice – Changes in New Zealand and Germany election 2017

From 22th September 2017 (Friday), the following temporary changes will be take effect. The purpose of these changes to New Zealand and Germany election in this case could lead to heightened market volatility, BFS Forex trading to help you reduce the risk, will take the following:

From 22th September 2017 Beijing Time 15:00, all currencies including GBP and EUR, silver and gold on BFS Forex platform will raise margin requirements.

BFS Forex leverage will reduce to 50%. (For example: Customer original leverage will be 1:100, after adjusted will become 1:50 for any currency. If the transaction liquidity continued to weaken, do not rule out the extreme market conditions, further down to 25% of the possibility.

After election was confirmed, BFS Forex on 12nd June will restore the leverage before the event.

Please take note, the increase margin will affect any open positions held by you, and you may need to deposit to your account for the additional funds to prevent order due to insufficient margin to be liquidated. Lock position also need to pay attention, because wider spreads will lead to even hedging positions may not be stop.

During the referendum, if other terms of the transaction further product adjustments, BFS Forex will update you through Email, SMS or the official website of company news. However, we reserve without notice in extreme market conditions, further adjustments claimed margin requirements and leverage.

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