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Bfs Forex: Germany held a tough stance against the United Kingdom and the GBP was bearish, with the British economy showing poorer performance

As can be seen from reports by the German media, Germany regrets the British Brexit incident and GBP. In addition, the German business community supports the EU's staunch stance toward the United Kingdom in order to reach a special agreement on UN clearance.

Open a German newspaper, in addition to pound losses, it is difficult to see something else Across the UK to take off the situation confuse German media and mixed also to GBP the attention In other words, the German people would not have been in the first edition of newspaper to see the news about the GBP.

On the surface, Germany seemed to feel sorry for Britain to leave the eu But at the same time, Germany has a firm determination, will protect the integrity of the eu's single market and running smoothly as the first priority of the eu position is described as very practical, and only by calculation gives the corresponding results.

Euro-zone governments together, for the British to take off the reality made a strong response, after the forecast for the euro zone economy is also very optimistic Britain's political reaction, by contrast, seems a little confusion, poor economic growth prospects Therefore, it is easy to understand why Germany in France and elsewhere in the euro zone are bullish euro, but are bearish pounds Currency valuation is usually measured in domestic economic strength and stability of a target.

Since the UK referendum, German companies have maintained a consistent view that the eu's internal markets are truly important.

Germany is Europe's largest economy, the country's business community is willing to support the European Union, hold a tougher stance in Britain, with a special agreement European affairs chief negotiator on this with the British Mr Barnier (Michel Barnier) recent statement exactly about the future trade arrangements, and also conforms to the eu's a point of view The eu reckons that, of the type of Canadian trade agreement is the only right conforms to the red line Turmoil on this and the British media is in stark contrast, British newspapers are accused of a front page in off the negotiations against the European Union concessions Tory officials as traitors, but the situation with the British government and the conservative expand the status quo of internal divisions.

The attitude of this contradiction is not very good for British companies, British companies are desperately seeking to the government after take off the trade arrangements guarantee the British business seek to minimize uncertainty, however, so far, the progress is limited.

Finally, the eu know what want from the negotiations, and established a series of specific parameters in order to achieve these goals for the British people, take off the negotiation is a more emotional debate Money market will reward the eu, but the punishment.

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