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Trading leverage

The size of the leverage in our company ranges up to 1:1000 *. Due to this condition BFSforex margin requirements are some of the most versatile to date.

Leverage represents the ratio of debt to equity. In addition, the terms "financial leverage" and "credit leverage" are widely used to refer to this concept.

At BFSforex the value of the maximum possible leverage depends on the type of order execution that is relevant for the given trading account. In Forex Micro and Forex Standard trading accounts, orders are executed using Instant execution technology. Market execution technology, which ensures direct access to interbank liquidity, is used in Forex ECN accounts.

Leverage and rules for its usage for BFSforex clients

In 2012, BFSforex made ​​significant changes to the conditions of how it provides financial leverage for Forex Micro accounts. If the amount of client funds in such an account does not exceed 100 USD (or its equivalent in another currency), then this account is eligible for a maximum financial leverage of 1:1000. If the amount of funds in the Forex Micro account is in the 100 USD to 1,000 USD range (or its equivalent in another currency), the maximum amount of financial leverage available to clients will be 1:500. Such a significant reduction in margin requirements allows traders to effectively implement a wide range of trading strategies.

Margin requirements increase when the funds available in a client's account increase. This is due to the increasing costs of hedging open orders. Consequently, the size of the provided leverage changes.

The company establishes the following maximum value of financial leverage depending on the amount of funds in the account:

Leverage Balance Maximum leverage
0-99$ 1:1000
100-999$ 1:500
1000-1999$ 1:400
2000-9999$ 1:200
10,000-50,000$ 1:100
50,000$< 1:50 or Negotiable
Leverage will automatically be adjusted up or down as the client’s account equity changes.

Leverage rules for currency Micro accounts, Standard account, Premium account.

Please note: Leverage will automatically be adjusted up or down as the client’s account equity changes.

Please note: Any change in the value of the financial leverage may take some time and require repeated authorization in the terminal or its reboot to refresh the parameters displayed therein, depending on the value of the leverage.

* A maximum value of leverage of 1:1000 is only available for Forex Micro accounts.

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BFSforex is a global financial services company, depending on its professional technology, automation features and low-threshold,to participate in the international foreign

exchange transactions,not only won the admiration of customers, but also won the praises by various circles of society , which is a shining star in the FX market.

* Note:rading on the Forex market involves significant risks, including complete possible loss of funds. Trading is not suitable for all investors and traders. By increasing leverage risk increases (Notice of Risk). The service is not available for US residents

BFSforex provides you with educational resources to help you become familiar with all the trading features and tools in the trading platform. With the BFSforex practice account you can test any trading strategies you wish in a risk-free environment. Please bear in mind that the results of the transactions of the practice account are virtual, and do not reflect to any real profit or loss or real trading environment, whereas market conditions may affect both the quotation and execution. Forex products are leveraged products and trading forex therefore involves a high level of risk that may not be suitable for everyone. BFSforex recommends that you ensure that you fully understand the risks involved before making any decision concerning BFSforex's products. Independent advice should be sought if necessary.

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